The Summit is finished, but check back here in the coming weeks and months to find various outputs and next steps.

The Vision

How do we create green cities that are better for both people and nature? Cities that use green spaces and biodiversity to become more resilient, sustainable, healthy, livable, and just? It is a core challenge of our time, around the world.

It is through collaboration that we can make an impact that is greater than any one of us could achieve alone. In this spirit, the TNOC Summit is altogether a new creation. The TNOC Summit is where thought leaders, from communities of practice, policy, and academia come together in a truly transdisciplinary and collaborative event to think, learn, create, and build in interactive sessions.

The principal aim of The Nature of Cities Summit is to spark conversations across ways of knowing and modes of action to build a movement—a new collaborative and transdisciplinary movement for green cities that are just, livable, resilient, healthy, and sustainable.

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Organizing Committee

  • David Maddox, The Nature of Cities, New York (Chair)
  • François Mancebo, University of Reims, Paris
  • Jean-Jacque Perrier, Sorbonne University, Paris
  • Sylvie Salles, National Landscape School, Versailles
  • Chantal van Ham, IUCN, Brussels
  • M’Lisa Colbert, The Nature of Cities, Montreal
  • Valerie Gwinner, The Nature of Cities, Washington, DC
  • Gilles Lecuir, ARB idF, Paris
  • Patrick Lydon, artist, Osaka
  • Diane Pataki, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • Wilson Ramirez, Instituto Humboldt, Bogotá
  • Mark Watkins, Arizona State University, Phoenix

Programming Committee

  • Pippin Anderson, University of Cape Town, Cape Town
  • Janice Astury, Manchester
  • Tim Beatley, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
  • Carmen Bouyer, artist, Paris
  • James D. Brown, Biophilic Cities, Charlottesville
  • Louise Lezy-Bruno, Paris
  • Terri Carta, Brooklyn Greenway, New York
  • Katrine Claassens, artist, Montreal
  • M’Lisa Colbert, The Nature of Cities, Montreal
  • Marus Collier, Trinity College, Dublin
  • P.K. Das, Das & Associates, Mumbai
  • Marthe Derkzen, The Netherlands Land Academy (LANDac), Utrecht
  • Paul Downton, Ecocities, Melbourne
  • Martha Fajardo, Grupo Verde, Bogotá
  • Amy Hahs, Melbourne
  • Perrine Hamel, Natural Capital Project, Paris
  • Cecilia Herzog, Inverde, Rio de Janeiro
  • Mark Hostetler, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • Mike Houck, Urban Greenspaces Institute, Portland
  • Nina-Marie Lister, Ryerson University, Toronto
  • Patrick Lydon, artist, Osaka
  • Yvonne Lynch, San Sebastian
  • Gaëll Mainguy, Center of Integrative Research, Paris
  • François Mancebo, University of Reims, Reims
  • Timon McPhearson, The New School, New York
  • Harini Nagendra, APU, Bangalore
  • Diane Pataki, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • Stephanie Pincetl, UCLA, Los Angeles
  • Toby Query, Portland
  • Jan Rise, Mistra Urban Futures, Gothenburg
  • Wilson Ramirez, Instituto Humboldt, Bogotá
  • Bruce Roll, Clean Water Services, City of Portland
  • Laura Shillington, John Abbott College, Montreal
  • Erika Svendsen, U.S. Forest Service, New York
  • Naomi Tsur, Jerusalem
  • Diana Wiesner, Cerros Fundación, Bogotá
  • Lynn Wilson, Vancouver Parks, Vancouver
  • Lorena Zárate, Habitat International Coalition, Mexico City

How many will attend the summit (more or less)

We expect 400 participants from around the world. They will be from many different disciplines, ways of knowing, and modes of action: academics, practitioners, activists, artists…

What to get involved?

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