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We don’t have a special deal with any hotels, so you are free to stay where you like. Paris has many hotel options, in all different categories. AirB&B is also a common option in Paris.

It is Paris, however, and Paris in June is very popular. Make your hotel arrangements early.

CLICK HERE for a list of hotels near the venue—which is near Notre Dame cathedral and the Pantheon (see a map below)—roughly in order of price (in the form of star rating). We are not endorsing any particular hotel, and we make no claims about their quality or service. We are simply providing a non-exclusive listof some nearby hotels. There are many other options too.

MAIN EVENT VENUE:  The main venue is the Marie Curie Campus of the Sorbonne University, in Jussieu, the 5th Arrondissement. There will also be sessions outside of the venue, in Paris.

The Institute for Urban Transitions at the Sorbonne in Paris is a key partner to the TNOC Summit.

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